Angelic Eyes

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Umeko’s in-house brand, catered for mummies and their little girls (6 to 16 years old) to have matchy twin outfits.


Brand Story: 

“When my daughter was small, I couldn’t find anything I really wanted to dress her in. Nothing offered the combination of style and livability I was looking for. And nothing captured my little girl’s spirit. So I started making her clothes myself – and Angelic Eyes was born. Since those beginnings we’ve always stayed true to our vision: to turn a little girl’s joy and innocence into something she can wear.” – Grace, Founder.

At Angelic Eyes, we develop our collections to reflect the style of the women she looks up to. We use premium fabrics and detailing to produce unique designs you and she won’t see in every storefront. And because today’s little angels grow up pretty fast, Angelic Eyes grows with them. Our pieces are inspired by the latest European trends, so they’re super fashionable. Designed with local tastes in mind, so they’re always appropriate. And produced in limited quantities, so they stay special.

So when your little girl dresses in Angelic Eyes, her spirit shines through: Sweet without being childish. Self-confident, and outgoing. And just grown-up enough. All that means you can buy our clothes with confidence – and she can wear them with joy.

Angelic Eyes. The joy you wear.